The Beginning

We started out as many companies do. A few friends with the idea that we can improve something. So we started small, researched and tried everything in our own kitchen until we understood all of the components and the basics in how you build a supplement. And we became pretty good at it...

Today we have our own factory with state of art equipment and a fully automatic production line. And we are still evolving and pushing development forward.

About Us

We are located in southern Sweden close to Malmö and Copenhagen. We produce our own supplements in our factory which give us full control over all ingredients and raw material through the whole process. We also have our own lab on site where we develop new exciting products and flavors.

Why Prime?

We like to call it No-nonsense supplements. You will not find strange flower or weed extracts with questionable research or effects in any Prime product . We use the best ingredients on the market and use proven dosages that has been well documented. This is why many people came to love our products, because they actually make a difference in their training and life. 


We strive to make supplements that make a different in your training and life, with fresh flavors and innovative ingredients that are well documented. Prime supplement in other words...